Midnight Celebration Like No Other!

Ring in 2024 at Chicago's Best New Year's Eve Party with a midnight celebration like no other! Not your common balloon drop!

DJ Maximo

Maximo Quinones, professionally known as DJ Maximo, is chasing his passion, and living out his dream as a successful artist. DJ Maximo has had an exciting start to his young career and is an inspiring presence in the Music industry. This intrinsically talented DJ, songwriter, and producer has been making music since he was 18 and entertaining partygoers locally and worldwide with his originals and remixes in the Tech House Music Category and Deep House world. Based in Chicago, with residencies at the most prominent nightclubs in the City, DJ Maximo lights up the stage with his energetic performances and keeps the crowd moving. He is a one-of-a-kind talent who has what it takes to stand out in this over-saturated DJ world by continually pushing the creative boundaries with his unique, soulful, and eclectic sound. His distinct style has caught the attention of heavy hitters in the industry, which means a great future awaits!

DJ Commando

Troy Williams is better known by his stage name, DJ Commando. At 17, he followed his passion for music and began a career as a DJ spinning records at friends' parties, school socials, and community events. Today, he has solidified his reputation as one of Chicago's influencers, a one-of-kind performer in the entertainment and nightlife industry, and a powerful force in the Hip Hop world. In addition to being a successful DJ, with his 'I can do anything' attitude, DJ Commando has acquired an extensive resume as a radio personality, music producer, engineer/A&R, Content Creator, and even found time to serve his country. He continues to have a far-reaching impact not just on Hip Hop music but across a multitude of genres. Despite his success, he has never forgotten his humble beginnings and still finds time to entertain at weddings, corporate events, and social engagements. His goal for the future is to expand his musical talents and unique skills and spread his music to every corner of the Earth. With music fans drawn to his unique style, the future looks bright for DJ Commando.

DJ ChiBass Mafia

Building mashups out of well known songs, while maintaining a consistent dance flow, making them dance hall masters and quick local favorites. But they don’t start nor do they stop with the mashup. They are cunning tricksters of the booty shake, bass music playing whatever will make people get off the seat and step to the beat.

Word of mouth about CHiBASS MAFIA eclectic mashup of house, minimal techno, trap, and sleazy R&B genre jumping beats quickly spread, and thrust them to the forefront of Chicago’s music industry. With several hard hitting projects in the works you can always count on a stellar set when CHiBASS MAFIA preforms. Now working with a full on production studio the possibility are endless. Expect the unexpected always putting a twist on every set and dropping the tracks like you have never heard before.


Nick Mazzei, (DJ Mazzei) was influenced by music at a young age. With his mother loving the sounds of Chicago house, and his father being a huge R&B fan he got the best of both worlds. His first interaction with DJing was on his 14th birthday when he received his first DJ equipment. Since that moment he never looked back. As well as pursuing his career as DJ Mazzei, he has had successful side projects such as WITNESS, known as a high-energy bass duo out of Chicago. During this time he also had an idea to give Chicago nightlife a more positive outlook. This lead to him co-founding the Be Nice Collective, which now has multiple monthly takeovers around the chicagoland area as well as a Be Nice Collective weekly party: "Be Nice Saturdays".


Plazziibo is a nightclub DJ throughout the year in Chicago. Currently holds residencies with his team at the following nightclubs: Bottled Blonde Chicago, Tobacco Road Tap Room, Trophy Room and Sound Bar (Red Room). Plazziibo’s music festival highlights are: Taco Fest 2019, Bass Station by The Lake 2019 and North Coast Music Festival 2019. Plazziibo is also scheduled to release his first Dubstep track early next year.


Flynninho is a former pro soccer player turned DJ. Influenced by his upbringing in Chicago, as well as time spent in Sweden and Brazil, house music has had a tremendous impact on his life. The newest member of Be Nice Collective had his music career jumpstarted after placing first in the Spring Awakening: Rise and Shine Contest in 2019 and has not looked back ever since. While he thrives in tech, bass, and G house, you can catch him every weekend playing everything in the city of Chicago.


AYOO is the DJ/Producer duo - Chicago based, born and raised on the love of music. James and Eric specialize in the House and Bass music genre. Reigning from Chicago “the Home of House Music”, both individuals intend to incorporate their funk/bass like style while keeping the house reputation alive. The duo is also a part of a young but rapidly fast growing collective known best by, The Be Nice Collective. Other members in the Collective are 2 well-known Chicago DJ’s, Mazzei and DJ Pharaoh.


Steve Franco (aka ‘Ben Elliott’) grew up with an array of musical influences, many from his father, a long-time Chicago musician, and various other sources including musical scores from some of his favorite films. A musician since the age of 10, and appreciator of the arts, he got his first taste of music production while attending classes for media produc- tion. He’s enjoyed a wide range of music over the years, including indie music, all the way to the classics of the 50’s and 60’s. His love for dance music and DJing began a bit later. Aside from hosting a dance mix podcast, ‘Ben Elliott Radio’, he continues to have various gigs throughout Chicago and the surrounding area, and he plans to grow that into national gigs and a lot more original tracks. Steve started spinning with Be Nice Collective throughout summer 2019, and continues to grow as a DJ while working with the more experienced and very talented members of the group.