party NYE
  • Nov 16, 2018

The Chicago New Year’s Eve Party is one of the country’s largest all-inclusive New Year’s Eve galas. Located at the Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Avenue, the event offers party-goers the ultimate in extravagance. The Chicago New Year’s Eve Party is only open to adults over 21 years of age with an upscale semi-formal dress code. Ticket options include general admission, VIP admission, and table service options. If you are contemplating where to spend your New Year’s Eve this year, Chicago is the answer. Here are just a few reasons why you should attend the Chicago New Year’s Eve Party.

1. Incredible Entertainment

The entertainment is likely why you attend New Year’s Eve parties, right? Well, you won’t be disappointed with the entertainment offerings at the Chicago New Year’s Eve Party at the Congress Plaza Hotel. In addition to the more than 2,500 party goers you can expect to see at the event, the Chicago party attracts some of the city’s biggest A- list celebs. You will also have the opportunity to hear music played by some of Chicago’s most recognized DJs and talent. Chicago’s New Year’s Eve Party is led by a celebrity host who brings even more excitement to the evening.

2. Vast Selection of Food and Drink

When you get a ticket for the Chicago New Year’s Eve Party, you’re essentially purchasing a ticket for an all-inclusive event that includes food, drink, and alcohol. There are multiple bars throughout the space that serve beer, liquor, wine, and campaign which is included in your ticket price. Also included is the food buffet and wide selection of appetizers. Enjoy food and drink throughout the night to keep your energy up. The event will have more than 50 bartenders and waiters to prevent long lines.

3. Access to Multiple Spaces

If you attend the Chicago New Year’s Eve Party, you won’t be stuck in one room with thousands of people. The event at the Congress Plaza Hotel is held throughout multiple spaces, including several party rooms, dance floors, and VIP spaces saved for ticket holders with VIP admission passes. Each of these rooms will also host different DJ talents and entertainment options. Easily go from space to space and enjoy the variety of entertainment available. When you make a reservation at the Congress Plaza Hotel, you can also enjoy the convenience of going directly to your room after the party.

4. Midnight Celebration

The highlight of the Chicago New Year’s Eve Party is the massive midnight celebration. When the clock strikes twelve, there is a giant balloon pop event, followed by a post- party celebration. Both a pre-party and post-party are complimentary and included with your admission ticket. There’s no better place to be at midnight on New Year’s Day then at the world’s largest New Year’s Eve Party with a group of your closest friends. The event spans for five hours, ending at 2 AM.

Purchase Your Tickets

If you plan on attending the Chicago New Year’s Eve Party at the Congress Plaza Hotel, you’ll have two ticket options: general admission or VIP admission. The VIP admission offers all of the goodies available to general admission ticket holders plus other great amenities, including access to top-tier alcohol. If you really want to ring in the New Year like a rock star, consider splurging on table service. With table service, you’ll have access to your own private table and server who will bring you bottles of alcohol at your convenience. No matter what type of ticket you choose, the Chicago New Year’s Eve Party is the best place to be on December 31 st .